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Which are the best IT awards to enter?

With the number of IT awards and technology awards increasing all the time, it can be difficult choosing the right IT awards for your company, innovation or product. Do you choose a general, credible IT Awards scheme, or something more specific like Search awards or Software awards? Boost’s award entry expert Emma Turnbull helps guide you through the IT World Awards and global technology awards available to find the international recognition you deserve.

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Entering The Stevies International Business Awards

Communicating the fact that you are a company celebrated for winning an award can be a gamechanger, but it isn’t just national awards that you are limited to. In the world of awards, there are thousands of different names and obscure acronyms on offer to different businesses, but proving you have been successful at the International Business Awards (“The International Stevies”) will certainly get people standing up and taking notice.

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International CSR Awards

International CSR awards and Green awards come in many forms. From environmental awards, sustainable business awards, ethical awards and responsible business awards, there are many ways in which you can gain recognition for your sustainable product, initiative or campaign. Chris Robinson MD Boost Awards gives his advice on the best International CSR awards to enter.

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Entering MENA Business Awards

Whether it is Arabian Business Awards, Gulf Business Awards or Middle East Business Awards, the regions, terminology and options for entering awards in MENA are numerous and perhaps sometimes confusing. But in a part of the world where the awards industry is maturing and expanding, the benefits and credibility of winning MENA awards are now clearer than ever.

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Top 10 Tips for Entering International Awards

So, you’ve got a killer story, but is that really enough to wow the judges?

You may have picked your troops, but now you need to send them into battle. Standing between you and the recognition you so richly deserve is the putting of pen to paper and writing the all-important submission.

The written entry can make or break any international award submission, so here are the 10 top tips from Boost Awards, the world’s first and largest global award entry consultancy that will help you on our journey to (hopefully) awards glory.

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